ASSET Steps into the Cloud Computing Market

Jupiter Cloud Briefing

ASSET is releasing a new version of Jupiter to support the cloud technology in the form of Software as a Service (SaaS) where Jupiter is easily and securely accessed over the Internet.

As we are  continually focused on enabling our customers to systematically grow their business, Jupiter has also acquired some additional effective features for example:

  1. Dash Board
  2. Jupiter tool bars customization
  3. Discussion board
In other words, Jupiter Cloud will:
  1. Be deployed in centralized location and accessed by different customers in different places
  2. Give small businesses access to technologies that previously were out of their reach, hence allowing them to compete in the market
  3. Be available on demand and will be delivered economically without compromising security or functionality
  4. Add the Dash Board feature, to provide Jupiter Admin with a  tool for monitoring Jupiter usage
  5. Give its users the ability to flexibly customize the "Tool Bar" using Jupiter Tool Bars Customization feature for example:
  • Renaming the action buttons per toolbar
  • Changing their locations on the toolbar
  • Showing and hiding the action buttons according to the business need
6. Introduce "Discussion Board" that enables users to create discussions over various Jupiter Items and to reply to others' discussions asynchronously. This feature also will help each user to:
  • Invite specific users to discussions
  • Add Bookmarks
  • List the user's discussions

ASSET Solutions enable organizations to achieve what they need  today â€" and innovate for a better tomorrow.