Bringing Big Company Tools To Small & Medium Business Owners

Jupiter is considered a state-of-the-art Enterprise Content Management System with a set of many embedded powerful features, example:

- Specify exactly who can see, edit, add or approve content, document by document
- Build complex folder structures and categorize them to reflect your document management needs
- Index the contents so users can easily find them
- Allow users to edit documents online while locking the file for others

As Jupiter has become more feature-rich and a more enterprise solution, the call for a slimmed down version became louder. Therefore ASSET Technology Group is presenting: Jupiter Lite.

Jupiter Lite is branched off an older version of Jupiter.

This version supports all basic features of Jupiter and has some new features of its own example:
  • Easier installation

  • Supporting MYSQL

  • Prompting the user for Java imaging tool plugin download

  • Scanning document on Firefox

  • Lite Jupiter Administration

Jupiter Lite is considered a stepping stone for small and medium business owners (SME) who want to enjoy the benefits of a robust ECM system on tight budget

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