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Having the right collaboration tools is a key to success, even in a small business. If you're running a small or medium-sized business, you might want to consider setting up the Jupiter Lite version to boost document sharing, collaboration, and more.

Jupiter Lite is considered a stepping stone for small and medium business owners who want to enjoy the benefits of a robust ECM system, but whose budgets are considerably smaller than those of a larger company.

Jupiter Lite is offering a robust solution for businesses just entering the ECM arena

Jupiter Lite is the "lighter" version of the Jupiter ECM containing the same main functions, for example it is designed to:

Jupiter ‘Lite' version is a ladder on which clients can climb to increased business volume.

Jupiter Lite main features are:
  • Generate Various Types of Reports

  • Archive various volumes of documents and paperwork, with built in ready - made templates that can position the new user for business growth and success

  • Easier installation: Install Jupiter Content Management in three steps

  • Supporting MYSQL: Considered one of the world's most popular open source databases, therefore supporting MYSQL lowers the cost of acquiring Jupiter

  • Scanning document on Firefox: Scanning documents is now possible through Jupiter on Firefox

  • Lite Jupiter Administration: Lite admin interface minimizes Jupiter administration headache by eliminating the complicated administration functionalities and availing only three main functions:

    - Manage system users
    - Manage Business templates
    - Manage System look ups for business templates


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