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Organizations today are seeking tools and solutions that add business value to their business operations. The ability to obtain insights to business data is a valuable asset. Although an archive's main function is to provide long term preservation and meet and maintain compliance objectives, organizations also consider archive data source for various complex and simple analytics.

The primary reason for extracting and migrating data rather than just purging or archiving offline is because there is a real-time access requirement. Therefore, competent data access must be maintained.

InfoAccess is a multi-lingual web based interface. It adds further flexibility & security over information retrieval through user friendly interface for configuring reports and search criteria. InfoAccess allows authorized users to search, view, and export result to other formats

InfoAccess Infographic

InfoAccess Benefits.
  • Easy, flexible and timely access to archived content
  • Multilingual Interface
  • Arabic and Hijri Date Support
  • Configurable dynamic reports on archived data
    – Reports can be done on multiple holdings
  • Dynamic analytics diagrams on archived data
  • Data Security
    – Ensure that archived content can only be accessed by authorized personnel
  • Increased Operational Efficiency
    – Customizable queries to quickly locate archived content through a generic GUI to increase operational efficiency