Egyptian Knowledge Bank... The world into a library

"Only by the dint of Knowledge and Work nations are able to move forward"…

We believe that education plays a vital role in country growth. No country can ever achieve rapid and continuous improvement without a well-educated youth who's working hard for their country's development.

With the help of the Egyptian Presidential Council ASSET Technology Group was able to set the Egyptian Knowledge Bank portal into motion to be part of the initiative:

"Towards an Egyptian Community that learns, thinks and innovates"

Egyptian Knowledge Bank is a fully integrated, scalable, high-performance and cost effective solution based on LifeRay portal framework and HTML5 responsive design.

EKB holds reliable content from the greatest publishing houses around the world such as National Geographic, Reuters, Britannica, Oxford and others which made it considered as one of the largest digital libraries in the whole world

To ensure the best benefit for all Egyptian citizens with various ages and interests EKB provides integrations with:
  • Global Muse federated Search Engine for an extensive results across various content publishers, hosted eBook, e-Journal, articles, databases, videos, audios and more.
  • iKnito Academic Portal to provide a dedicated and sophisticated search experience for researchers and academics.

The portal services all Egyptian citizens with different cultures and ages, to ensure that each segment receives the appropriate contents and services suitable for their interests and needs, the portal sections will be provided into several categories, example:

  • Researchers: target all academic and researchers' individuals
  • Students: target Egyptian students from primary till university students.
  • Kids: target KGs till grade 6

For each categories, the portal provides customized user experience, and different services to ensure that scientific and culture information reach all Egyptian citizens in a simplified and flexible way.

The Day of the Launch Ratings:

The Achievements on the Day of the Launch (9-Jan):

  • Registered user : 5,000+
  • Total Number of Sessions : 8+ Millions
  • Peak concurrent sessions: 13,400
EKB Portal's Overview:
  • Customized user experience per users' category
  • Available for desktop, tablet and mobile phone users
  • Integration with muse to offer a wide range of articles, books or lists for different publishers
  • Integration with Social Network functions
  • Registration and Authentication mechanisms for a high-level of security
  • Rich set of Analytic reports that offers system administrators full control over the portal
  • Easy and Powerful search capabilities

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