ASSET Suite for InfoArchive is a Certified Business Solution

ASSET Technology Group is pleased to announce that its newly released solution "ASSET Suite for InfoArchive" is now an EMC² Certified Business Solution. The certification is for tested, proven solutions that extend the functionality of products from the Enterprise Content Division of EMC². The Certified Solution program demonstrates a shared commitment for EMC² and ASSET to deliver solutions that drive direct business value for customers.

ASSET Suite for InfoArchive simplifies the retirement of legacy systems and active archive through a graceful transition approach via InfoConnect and InfoAccess for organizations to acknowledge real business value.

The overall key features in InfoConnect and InfoAccess will be highlighted together with the major functionality areas in both applications in the below sections

ASSET Suite for InfoArchive Business Value:
  • Eliminate Costs of Managing Multiple Legacy Applications
    Through a single comprehensive and complete application retirement solution, organizations eliminate needs to maintain and supply maintenance for applications that add minimal or no business value. ASSET Suite for InfoArchive solution for application retirement and active archive provides a smooth and uncomplicated procedure for enterprises to decommission entire environments, freeing the cost of managing outdated infrastructure and eliminating the need for specialized application skills. Legacy data remains entirely accessible, preserves business context, and leverages several reporting capabilities.
  • Reduce IT Complexity by Modernizing Infrastructures
    The wide range of servers, operating systems, databases, and storage necessary to support legacy applications compromises the ability to modernize data centers. Through InfoConnect and InfoAccess, organizations are able to consolidate all legacy applications seamlessly into a central archive and allows them to leverage existing IT skills sets by managing a single environment.
  • Reduce Risks by Ensuring Compliance
    The ability to configure data retention policies on various levels to support compliance initiatives and respond quickly and accurately to audit requests.
  • Optimize Performance
    By fully utilizing the solution, organizations now can meet demanding deadlines while all files are securely stored in the archive and easily accessed through InfoAccess.
  • Moving Data with Low Value Density to Passive Archival Systems
    The complete solution will allow users to continue to extract vital value from the data by powering an active archive that efficiently consolidated into a single repository.

EMC² certification

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