Warehouse Expert – The Complete Solution

In today's competitive marketplace, the primary focus of many organizations is on improving customer service. To accomplish this, organizations are embarking on a wide range of process-improvement initiatives.

Therefore, due to the increased regulatory pressures, complex global operations, and the rising demand for innovative customer service ASSET Technology Group is delivering a powerful, intelligent and full-featured Warehouse Management solution "Warehouse Expert".

A glance at "Warehouse Expert"

It is a software application based on Jupiter Enterprise Content Management that supports the day-to-day operations in a warehouse. It helps control the movement, storage and accounting of various items through a warehouse.

Warehouse Expert benefits can be seen throughout the business process. It directs the picking, replenishment and put away of inventory while tracked by an automated data collection system, typically bar codes and scanners.

Warehouse Expert delivers a powerful combination of technology and comprehensive business applications, including key functionality built specifically for banking and capital markets organizations.

Special Features + Functions
  • Support sophisticated warehousing needs, lot management, serial number tracking and product recalls
  • Streamline inventory receiving and recalling processes
  • Creating warehouse floors, zones, rows and columns in the most efficient way to maximize the benefit of the warehouse space
  • Keep track of all transactions within the warehouse using advanced search capability and the customizable reports according to the business needs
  • Flawless High-Volume Order Fulfillment
  • Pick multiple orders simultaneously into final shipping orders
  • Full security for object locations and contents except for authorized personnel
  • Keep warehouse fully utilized
  • Eliminate bottlenecks with accurate bar code scanning

                                              Jupiter 4.0 infographic


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