ASSET Business Process Management Solutions

The business Processes is a critical part of any organization. It helps in delivering operational efficiency, business visibility, and agility that gives the any organization an edge over the competition.

Business managers need special tools to enable them to take timely decisions, and ensure consistency to reach continuous improvement.

ASSET Technology Group makes it easy to define and automate the critical processes that run your business.

ASSET Technology Group is presenting:

Jupiter Business Process Management (JBPM)
It is designed to help organizations automate, control and track their business processes. Jupiter BPM includes various tools for system integration, business activity monitoring dashboards, and rich search capabilities for end users. Therefore, it ensures faster time-to-value, business-IT collaboration and reduced total cost of management.

Jupiter Business Process Management Major Business Impacts:
  • Increase the efficiency of their internal operations leading to enhanced services and more satisfied customers
  • Decrease the operational costs by eliminating costs related to making paper copies or transferring/mailing paper documents across branches
  • Have better insight on the performance of the team and be able to identify and resolve bottlenecks
  • Remove the geographical boundaries, allowing business transactions to flow in real time between geographically dispersed users, as if they were in the adjacent office
  • Human-centric workflows, shared tasks and content-sharing support collaborative processes
  • Process reporting provides insight into process efficiency and performance
  • Processes from simple to very sophisticated can be easily designed, deployed, and managed