ASSET and EMC² Partnership Fortifies Customer Market with High-End Business Solutions

We are very excited to announce the certification of our latest ASSET product built on top of Documentum "ARROW Correspondence Management System" to be a designated EMC² Certified product. ARROW is validated by EMC² for performance, scalability and interoperability with Information Intelligence Group (IIG) products.

As the power of information continues to rise in business industries everywhere, so is the importance to use information efficiently. Correspondence management systems are considered a top priority for organizations to survive the Information and IT Evolution. Today, ASSET joins with EMC² topnotch tools and integrations to bring along ARROW with out-of the-box capabilities that drive direct value to businesses of different sizes, scopes and focus.

Our partnership with EMC² is highly recognized as a flourishing business opportunity to further serve the market with premium business solutions to our customers and drive more value to ASSET offerings to the market.

We look forward to an abundant business relationship and an appealing portfolio of business solutions that are highly qualified to meet customer needs.

Click here to view ARROW on EMC² Solution Catalog