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Records Management

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Management of contents cannot be considered complete without solving the challenge that organizations face in managing the lifecycle of documents and records. This applies to electronic documents, paper documents, magnetic tapes, CD's and others.

Jupiter with Records Management is different. Built into Jupiter, this solution makes it easy for end users to work with files - without changing the way the users work. Record management is an integrated module of Jupiter Enterprise Content Management designed  to help organizations manage their record and document lifecycle.

The integration between policies for retention or disposition of records with Jupiter core content management functions provides a comprehensive, scalable, end-to-end solution for the creation, version control, security and lifecycle management of content of all types, including web documents, records, fixed content and other types.

Jupiter's Record Management capabilities enable organizations to implement procedures for storage, retrieval, dissemination, protection, preservation and destruction of recorder information associated with all business operations, the file plan.

The Benefits of the Jupiter Records Management Approach:
  • Single Repository: Allows the management of all electronic files (documents, web pages, emails, images, corporate records, social and mobile files etc.)
  • Simplicity: Single user interface for managing both standard content and corporate records
  • English and Arabic: Support for capturing and managing document metadata in both languages
  • Access Controls: For more effective management of file plans
  • Multiple Phases: More precise definition within a disposition schedule
  • Automated Dynamic disposition schedules
  • Reduced Cost and Reduced Risk: A DoD 2015.02 certified