ARROW Correspondence Management System Now is Cloud Ready

ASSET Technology introduced ARROW Correspondence Management System 2014, a web-based platform built on top of EMC Documentum Platform, to effectively manage all organization correspondences in a streamlined process from creation/acquisition, processing to archival in the browser; thus eliminating the need for locally installed software.

ARROW's early versions supported the core features related to managing the creation, assembly and delivery of secure, personalized, and interactive correspondences.

Today ARROW has expanded to include the cloud support version and is offered as a fully managed cloud service.

Solutions that can be implemented on a managed services basis through secure Cloud technologies provide a low-risk approach that minimizes both up-front investment and total cost of ownership (TCO), while offering maximum flexibility and rapid time-to-value

Main Solution Benefits:
  • Flexibility: Manage your business thorough a versatile workspace, where you can store and have access to your correspondences easily.
  • Cost Efficient: Instead of investing in an on-site server for your data storage and management through ARROW Cloud now control your correspondences easily with an efficient cost model that saves you server and maintenance costs.

Now it's times to focus on your core business activities and leave your correspondence management to ARROW Cloud

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