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Highly configurable, Jupiter SharePoint Process Builder can support nearly any process on which customers rely, transforming labor-intensive, often paper-bound and difficult-to-follow procedures into automated courses of action. It can be deployed directly on MS SharePoint server to drive compliance with processes across the enterprise by embedding their modeling and management into the portfolio management framework.

Jupiter SharePoint Process Builder enables the key functions of process design, automation, measurement and auditing.

With Jupiter SharePoint Process Builder you get:
  • Automatic data extraction from InfoPath forms and passed directly to the workflow for processing within the system without the need for writing any code
  • Smooth export of Workflows into the Visual Studio.Net to add extra features by your own developers to further tailor the application according to your needs
  • Ability to easily generate Productivity and Performance Reports  to help monitor and optimize the business processes leading to better use of the available resources
  • Deploying a workflow is made simpler as it's just one click away using one single step