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Jupiter Cloud

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Your corporate IT performance and integrity is no longer challenged with on-ground technical expenditures or market competition only, but today's super-changing tech environment puts pressure on YOU to meet your business goals or survive the high waves of IT transformation. It's time to bring the Cloud Enterprise Capabilities to your business ecology and pump those vital cloud pillars into your business hub operations, through Jupiter Cloud.

Jupiter Cloud is a SaaS product that helps your organization keep control over vital corporate information while providing you with powerful tools to access, share and manage your content securely on any device, anywhere.

Jupiter Cloud fully integrates with the three pillars of cloud computing: applications and services, data centers, and networks that keeps pace with changing market trends, which require greater elasticity, agility, and speed to support evolution in weeks or months, not years.

Bringing Cloud Evolution to your Enterprise:
  • A secure central repository for your organization's cloud services to keep control of your content across a range of services that are cost-effective.
  • The ability to access your information from any device, anywhere, anytime - Be deployed in centralized location and accessed by different users in different places.
  • Minimal huge upfront expenditures for equipment and licensing – Be available on demand and will be delivered efficiently without compromising security or functionality.
  • Easy access to technologies that previously were out of reach, hence allowing them to compete in the market.