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Jupiter SharePoint Content Capturing solution allows for easy on boarding of paper or electronic content to Microsoft SharePoint so individuals throughout your enterprise can quickly access the content they need to move your business forward. Eliminate the costs and time associated with storing, shipping and distributing paper documents as Jupiter SharePoint allows end users to easily store information in the right location, and get the right results out of SharePoint by transforming paper and electronic documents into searchable, multi-purpose, digital content.

Jupiter SharePoint Content Capturing Solution Key Features:
  • Advanced Scanning – powerful and flexible high-volume document capture and release to SharePoint
  • Advanced Indexing – save time and reduce errors with automated indexing
  • Advanced Capture – automated image processing, document recognition, classification, data extraction and indexing
  • Advanced Image Processing – enhance images in multiple formats and options
  • Administration – easily configure, install and customize the software using user profiles
  • Advanced Reporting record each performed transaction on any document and keep history of the archived ones. Transactions can be filtered according to certain conditions and productivity reports can be generated
Jupiter SharePoint Content Capturing Solution Key Benefits:
  • Manage any document volume, ranging from ad-hoc desktop scanning to high-volume batch scanning, production-level scenarios with the scalable scanning solution
  • Save paper and electronic documents to SharePoint quickly and securely, from anywhere you have a web connection
  • Scan, index, route and access critical information instantly
  • Increase the return on your SharePoint and Microsoft investments